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Discuss your product issues with our Geek Squad certified agent and resolve problems instantly.

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Connect with our skilled technician if you have issues to manage your account, make a payment, change your payment method or update your information.

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We can set up your products, help you use them, and diagnose any issues.

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Check the status of our troubleshooting services every step of the way. Highly convenient to follow your repair returns, avail to Geek Squad tech help for top-notch support.

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Electronic & Accessories Coverage

It’s not just your main equipment that breaks down. Accessories can also experience issues over time. Geek Squad can Protect your accessories and secondary devices such as monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, docking stations, and remote controls.

Complete Coverage For Repair And Labour

Geek Squad Protection provides coverage for parts and labor required to get your product up and running again. See sample of current Geek Squad Protection Terms and Conditions for specific coverage and exclusions.

Flexible Return Policy

 With Geek Squad Protection, you’re not stuck with a faulty product. If your product requires a major repair solution even for the forth time, instead of repair based on the urgency of the troubleshooting solution.we’ll replace it for you.

Power Surge Protection Here

Power surges can happen at any time, causing damage to your equipment. Most manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover power surges, but with Geek Squad Protection, you don’t have to worry. We got you covered if a power surge occurs.

Coverage Is Transferable

 If you’re selling your product or giving it as a gift, you can transfer your coverage to the new owner. You just have to provide the name of the person you’re transferring the plan to. The transferee must then contact our Geek Squad tech support and provide their address, email and phone number. The plan holder must have the original documentation to receive coverage. That’s when our part comes into play. 

Workmanship Guaranteed

We guarantee the quality of repair technicians’ workmanship for 90 days. You can simply get in touch with us for any required solutions, our Geek Squad Customer Support will be at your service.  Dial our toll-free number 1800 888 8888, or draft us an email mentioning your query for accurate solution.

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Don't know what went wrong with my laptop, but Geek Squad really helped. They have this structural procedures which really helps.
Cecile Emeke
I can't compromise on my gaming speed. If my Play station is down, i am better off dead. I'ad say Geek squad really works the magic. Good Job!
Keith Stanfield
I'm not the kinda person to look for 10 different websites for support but Thanks man, Geek Squad helped get over this android bug i was worried about.
Griffin Freeman
Oh my... They provide super accurate solution for camera support, totally love it. Would suggest you Geek Squad tech support for express services.
Geek Squad technical Help
Myra Lucretia

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